New Pictures: Omer Fast, Appendix


This “New Pictures” exhibition features two films by the Berlin-based Israeli artist Omer Fast (b. 1972), along with more than 20 portraits by the German photographer August Sander (1876–1964) from his series People of the Twentieth Century, selected from Mia’s and Minneapolis-based collections. Through reflections of Sander’s portraits, including Young Farmers (1914) and Bricklayer (1928), Fast’s latest film, August (2016), portrays Sander at the end of his life, tracing the photographer’s career during the transition from the Weimar Republic to Nazi Germany. Fast’s para-fictional (i.e., blending facts and fiction) film subverts the boundary between collective history and personal memory, questioning photography’s ability to tell the truth. August will be joined by Fast’s single-channel film installation Looking Pretty for God (After G.W.) (2008).

Start Date
Saturday, September 23, 2017
End Date
Sunday, February 18, 2018
Minneapolis Institute of Art

New Pictures: Omer Fast, Appendix

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