Experts are anticipating a record-breaking sale in January when a rare Sandro Botticelli portrait comes to auction.
A stunning, intimate portrait by Baroque master Peter Paul Rubens is set to make waves at auction this week.
A collaboration with the Richmond Symphony's "Comfort and Joy!" – the Beethoven Summer Series, this video explores connections between the composer and Elisabeth-Louise Vigée-Lebrun's "Portrait of…
As protests surrounding the death of George Floyd have erupted across the US and around the world, artists have joined their voices in the call to honor his life, put an end to systemic racism, and…
A celebrated painter in her own time, Thérèse Schwartze later fell into obscurity. Now she is being rediscovered.
Based in LA, Fallah makes detailed, collage-esque paintings with mirrored and patterned images.
For more than four decades, photographer Dawoud Bey has documented life in America through his poignant images of marginalized communities.
Anna Ancher was one of the central Danish artists active around 1900.