Covert-19, Part 1, The Quantum Paradox


Lichtundfire is happy to announce and welcomes all to Covert-19, Part 1, The Quantum Paradox, with the first constellation of artists introducing a series of exhibitions with work in various media created behind closed doors during the spring of the pandemic of Covid-19, and leading ahead and into an unknown fall of 2020.

This exhibition brings together seven artists working with abstraction while simultaneously and subtly addressing a cultural, psychological and social human condition currently especially subjected to its enormous fragilities and vulnerabilities within its own created, and now visibly shaken foundations. It indicates/points to the awareness that humanity may be prone to fail the test of time unless we change course–and join a more common denominator than that of personal gain and solely own perspective. The paradox involves two particles that are entangled with each other–each particle is individually in an uncertain state until it is measured, at which point the state of that particle becomes certain. According to quantum mechanics this constitutes in a paradox as it assumes communication between two agents/articles at greater speed of light.

Start Date
Friday, August 14, 2020
End Date
Saturday, September 12, 2020

Covert-19, Part 1, The Quantum Paradox

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