Rachel Ozerkevich

Here, hundreds of miles south of the Canadian Arctic and Nunangat (the Canadian Inuit homeland territories), is the world’s largest collection of contemporary Inuit artworks.
Prints from the Umatilla Indian Reservation
Though his works feature prominently in many of Canada’s most prestigious arts institutions and he is considered one of the country’s most celebrated modernist artists, David Milne has been described…
Prints and Carvings from the Artistic Capital of the North
Witness a golden age of entertainment through dozens of beautifully-preserved posters advertising magicians and their feats of incredible illusionism.
Sanctuary asks viewers to consider themes as diverse yet interconnected as sustainability, migration, belonging, and cultural identity, all of which seem precarious in 2020.
Beyond restricting social interactions and physical mobility, global stay-at-home orders impacted the work of contemporary artists around the world in a number of ways.
Works of art depicting the natural world have long proven to be a source of escapism for artists and audiences alike, proving that travel doesn’t have to be a physical activity in order to be…