Jordan Riefe

ARCA CEO Lynda Albertson is the star of a new documentary short directed by Bella Monticelli, Lot 448, that premiered February 1 at the Tribeca Film Festival. In it, she is shown tracking an Etruscan…
Ed Clark was hardly a household name, but his work fit squarely in the era’s prevailing genre–Abstract Expressionism. The thing is, Clark was black.
Among the fourteen recent works by Robert Longo in his new show, Storm of Hope, there’s plenty of storm, but where’s the hope?
For six months the 2020 iteration of Made in L.A. has been on ice. It is art without an audience, hanging in an existential funk.
A new collaboration between Maroon 5’s Jesse Carmichael and artist Paul Davies connects visual art, music, and filmmaking.
Modern art in Los Angeles dates to the late 1950s and the Ferus Gallery, home to a who’s who of the era including Ken Price, John Altoon, Craig Kauffman, Larry Bell and Billy Al Bengston among others.
While he’s best known as two-time Oscar-nominated director for such lauded films as Good Will Hunting and Milk, Gus Van Sant began his creative life as an art student at Rhode Island School of Design…
At the age of 80, Judy Chicago has arrived.