Cynthia Close

The often-contentious relationship between artists and those who write about art is as old as culture itself. The art critic’s job is to rationalize what is inherently an irrational pursuit.
Here are 10 opportunities to be “in the moment” with art.
In the new documentary, M.C. Escher: Journey to Infinity filmmaker Robin Lutz utilizes sound to create a visceral connection between the artist and his audience.

As museums and galleries across the country struggle to find new ways to remain relevant in our current pandemic-induced age of anxiety, Compound, a bold new showcase melding…

Paintings of turquoise swimming pools drenched in California sunlight may be the first images that come to mind at the mention of British artist David Hockney, but drawing is the continuous thread…
Contemporary artists may resort to snow and ice as their medium, using the ephemeral qualities inherent of water below 32 degrees to call attention to the pressing issue of climate change.
To escape the weirdness of today’s cultural moment you’ll find these seven films offer something to suit every taste.
Patrick Shearn and Poetic Kinetics's latest project, A Change in the Air, is set to bring messages of hope to Washington, D.C.