Photographer Walter Iooss on Capturing Michael Jordan

With a half a century of experience behind the camera, Walter Iooss has photographed the biggest sports stars in the largest arenas under the brightest lights. "There is a certain way to speak to an athlete", - admits Walter as he describes how he captured his iconic images of Micheal Jordan, Joe Montana, Kobe Bryant and Muhammad Ali.

His unrivaled ability to ‘get the shot’ — a skill that has made him a legend among those he has photographed — has allowed him unparalleled access to the inner sanctum of club houses, team planes, and the homes of many athletes. He has gained the trust and admiration of many. “From what I can tell, Walter has never taken a bad shot of anybody or anything. Years later, working together on Rare Air, we had become so comfortable around one another that I barely had to look up. You don’t have to perform for Walter.”—Michael Jordan.

In Christie's online exclusive auction of 38 rare, vintage photographic prints of basketball, football and baseball stars of the 1960s-2000s, the genius and eye of Walter Iooss are in full-effect, making us fall in love all over again with these memorable heroes of the court, field and diamond.

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