How to Collect Pre-Raphaelites

They started out as a secret society. So secret that, when they signed their paintings ‘P.R.B.’, a rumour spread that those initials stood for ‘Please Ring the Bell’. They actually stood for the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood: a group of seven artists who held their first meeting in 1848 and wouldn’t remain in the shadows for long. Join Sarah Reynolds, Specialist and Head of Sale, British Art for a Pre-Raphaelite Collecting Guide.

‘Pre-Raphaelite art is all about truth and beauty and if you are looking to start a collection, falling in love with a picture is the best place to start’ notes Reynolds in the short video above. ‘Whilst the Brotherhood’s work is often in museums, the work of the second and third generation is often much more accessible and affordable’ explains Reynolds.

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