Andy Warhol: The Culture of Now


On the occasion of the Whitney’s major Andy Warhol retrospective, artists and curators, cultural producers and influencers talk about Warhol, his work, and his continued influence and relevance to our culture today.

In Episode 1 of our 3-part video series, we investigate the ways Warhol anticipated the omnipresence of images and information: the 24-hour news cycle, the endless scrolling, how the gatekeepers of information and fame have changed, and how we’ve all become “influencers” and voyeurs.

Interviewees include exhibition curator Donna De Salvo, artists Amna Asghar, Peter Halley, Deborah Kass, Jeff Koons, and T. J. Wilcox; artist and fashion designer Virgil Abloh; Andy Warhol Museum curator Jessica Beck; talk show host and reality TV producer Andy Cohen; and writer and podcast host Aminatou Sow.

Andy Warhol—From A to B and Back Again is on view November 12, 2018, through March 31, 2019, at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

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