Middle Eastern Art

Getty museum Director Dr. Timothy Potts explores how ancient Assyrian kings used monumental palace friezes to intimidate visitors and mythologize themselves, a legacy of political propaganda that…

The Khaleeji Art Museum is a digital museum experience that introduces visitors from all around the world to artists of the Arab region, including female artists, through virtual exhibitions.
A visual journey into the creative minds of some of the Arab world's most prominent artists and their approaches to non-representational art.
The landmark exhibition The World between Empires: Art and Identity in the Ancient Middle East, which opens March 18, 2019, at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, focuses on the remarkable cultural,…
In this Art History Babe Brief, Corrie & Nat discuss the largest mud-built structure in the world, The Great Mosque of Djenné.
Specialist Hala Khayat explains how post-independence optimism in the region generated a new form of Modernism that transcended borders.