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This video attempts to answer an age old question: Does art have to be beautiful? See how Pablo Picasso's The Old Guitarist helps answer that question.

Here are 10 artists whose work transcends a momentary Valentine’s Day infatuation to become celebrated odes to love.
Here are 10 ways to embody art this Halloween.
Performance art relates to artworks that are created through actions performed by the artist or other participants, which may be live or recorded, spontaneous or scripted.
Art historians use careful observation and description to begin their analyses of a work of art. Here, Dr. Beth Harris and Dr. Steven Zucker take a close look at Henry Moore's sinuous Reclining…
Sister Corita Kent was a master printmaker and teacher, and her rules for artists and teachers are legendary - let’s break them down.
One of the most popular and most unlikely art historians the world has known died yesterday at the age of 88. Wendy Beckett, better known as Sister Wendy, brought great art to the masses through her…
There is a question that has been tossed around by philosophers and art critics for decades: how much should an artist's intention affect your interpretation of the work?