Art Education

Copying within the context of the art world has evolved over the centuries. What was once understood as a vital tool for study and learning is now often perceived, especially by laymen, as a kind of…
While there are a multitude of benefits to attending a prestigious art school, crafting your own art education can be rewarding in other ways.
This installment of Art & Object's top art schools series showcases the best art schools of the West.
In a returning series, Art & Object delves into the top art schools and programs in the U.S. This week is dedicated to the Southeast.
In the second annual installment of this series, Art & Object delves into the top art schools and programs of the U.S.
We sat down, virtually speaking, with Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) founder and President Paula Wallace to talk about art education, and how her life changed directions when she founded…