The Column of Trajan, attributed to the architect Apollodorus of Damascus, was completed in 113 A.D. and stands at 126 feet tall. Here is the history of this iconic Roman monument.

The Nile’s flooding is out of control, and Sudan is struggling to save its people and its historic sites.
For archeologists working at Oxburgh Hall, a fifteenth-century manor in Norfolk, England, lockdown has given them the opportunity to delve a little deeper into their work.
In a new Art & Object series, we’ll take a look at some of history’s greatest jewelry stories, showing you how and why jewelry is such a powerful artistic, cultural, and historical artifact.
The Vikings are coming... again! In 2014 The British Museum followed on from the success of Pompeii Live with another live broadcast- this time from the exhibition Vikings: life and legend. Here is…
In new community guidelines released this week, Facebook announced a new policy meant to halt the sales of looted artifacts on its platform.
A priceless cuneiform tablet owned by Hobby Lobby is one step closer to being returned to its native country this week.
Between 1922 and 1943, Italy was ruled by the Fascist government of Benito Mussolini. Central to the regime’s ideology and imagery was the ancient Roman Empire, to which it looked for inspiration and…