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The Best Art Stories from Sekka Magazine - October 2021

Created: Thu, 10/28/2021 - 13:59
Author: jeremy
Courtesy of Nujood Al Otaibi via Sekka Magazine

Synesthesia by Nujood Al Otaibi.

Art & Object has partnered with Sekka Magazine to share their amazing art coverage. Founded in 2017 by Manar and Sharifah Alhinai, Sekka is an online arts and culture platform that highlights remarkable stories from around the Arab world. Sekka's mission is to reclaim "the narrative about the Arab World and specifically the Gulf Arab States, in international media, by providing [their] global audience with an authentic insight and guide to one of the most important and misunderstood regions in the world, narrated by the people who are from there." Sekka works with journalists across the Arab world, and ninety percent of the content creators in Sekka Magazine are Arab women. 

Each month, Art & Object is highlighting Sekka's five best new art stories. Our hope is that our readers come away from these stories more knowledgeable about this culturally rich part of the world but also are able to emotionally connect with art and artists that they might not otherwise have been exposed to.

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Courtesy of Nujood Al Otaibi via Sekka Magazine
Artist Nujood Al Otaibi is Encouraging People with Disabilities to Express Themselves Through Art

"Nujood Al Otaibi is on a mission to represent her home country Saudi Arabia in the arts on a global scale, and to encourage all emerging artists and those with disabilities to express themselves through art..."

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Courtesy of Mays Almoosawi via Sekka Magazine
The Future Belongs to the Gulf’s Young Artists

"Sekka speaks with contemporary artist Abdullah Qandeel, visual storytellers Ahmed Al Kuwaiti and Shaima Al-Tamimi, and artist Mays Almoosawi about their past, present and future..."

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Courtesy of Dana Al Rashid via Sekka Magazine
How Dana Al Rashid Raises Awareness about Kuwait’s Architectural Heritage through Art

"Sekka Magazine speaks to Kuwaiti artist about the inspiration behind her first solo art exhibition, Architecture of Memory..."

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Courtesy of Sahr Baqeri via Sekka Magazine
How Sahar Baqeri Keeps Bahrain’s Abandoned Places Alive

"Sahr Baqeri turned her passion for public exploration when she founded a digital initiative named “Abandoned Places Bahrain.” Abandoned Places Bahrain is a photography based Instagram account that showcases forgotten and historic places in Bahrain, and sheds a light on the more personal histories of the people of the Kingdom that are forever intertwined with the places they once inhabited..."

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Courtesy Tasneem Alsultan via Sekka Magazine
5 female Gulf Photographers You Should Know

"The Gulf region is brimming with rising photographers who are capturing the region in innovative ways, giving us a fresh view of the Gulf and its people. Many of the photographers behind the stunning photos are women. Here are 5 of these photographers who should be on your radar..."

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