Press Release  June 6, 2019

Top Secret D-Day Tactical Air Plans Go Up For Auction

Profiles in History

Ninth Air Force Tactical Air Plan for Operation Neptune (D-Day Landing)

LOS ANGELES- June 6th, 2019- Profiles in History is proud to announce today, on the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day Invasion during World War II, that a top secret Ninth Air Force Tactical Air Plan for D-Day will be going up for auction on July 11th in Los Angeles.

This Ninth Air Force Tactical Air Plan for Operation Neptune (D-Day Landing) is 72 pages. It's marked “TOP SECRET NEPTUNE—BIGOT”. At the upper right, it's marked “Col. Condron” – John E. Condron, Colonel USAF – who was provided this material in preparation for D-Day. The book describes the complete operation plan of the Ninth Air Force Troop Carrier Command for the Normandy invasion. Includes the planning and delivery of all glider and parachute troops, featuring maps of aircraft routes to the drop zones with the latest information on expected enemy forces available for counterattack.

Profiles in History

The personal telephone of Hermann Göring

Additionally, the personal telephone of Hermann Göring – the highest ranking soldier in the Third Reich – recovered from his office at the top-secret Luftwaffe Hermann Göring Institute of Aeronautical Research, will also be going up for auction.

Profiles in History

Original authorization for the official inspection to visit the Hermann Göring Institute of Aeronautical Research

On Victory in Europe Day (VE Day), May 8th 1945, Brigadier General George McDonald, Director of Intelligence, U.S. Strategic Air Forces in Europe, authorized Sgt. Melvin H. Neft to supervise the photography of documents and equipment at Germany’s top-secret Hermann Göring Institute of Aeronautical Research located in Braunschweig, Germany. The secret facility was responsible for airframe, aircraft engine, and aircraft weapons testing during World War II. The 1,000 acre site was so secret and low profile that Allied air forces never bombed it. During the inspection of the facility, Sgt. Neft visited Hermann Göring’s office where he obtained many top-secret documents, photographs, stationery and other personal items, including Göring’s telephone.

Accompanying the phone is extraordinary documentation, including the original authorization signed by both Brigadier General George C. McDonald and Melvin H. Neft, dated 8 May 1945, for the official inspection to visit the Hermann Göring Institute of Aeronautical Research.

Also included is clipping of the 21 November 1945 issue of the Newark Evening News referencing Neft’s inspection of the Göring Institute, plus a 3-page signed letter Neft wrote to his mother, dated 25 June 1945, typewritten on “Luftfahrtforschungsanstalt Hermann Göring Braunschweig” letterhead stationery, directly referring to the visit: “…by the way, an explanation of the stationery. I liberated same in Hermann Göring’s office, at the Hermann Göring Institute of Aerodynamics, in Germany.” A vintage map of the secret Luftwaffe facility is included, along with a 1940 Luftwaffe plasticized linen map of Europe and (14) Sheets of unused Göring stationery that were recovered from Göring’s office.

Founded in 1985 by Joseph Maddalena, Profiles in History is the world's largest auctioneer & dealer of original Hollywood Memorabilia, historical autographs, letters, documents, vintage signed photographs and manuscripts. Born into a family of antiques dealers in Rhode Island, Joseph "Joe" Maddalena learned early on how to turn his passion of collecting historical autographs into a career. Upon graduation from Pepperdine, Joe pursued his passion to become a full-time dealer of historical documents, and opened his first office in 1985. Profiles in History has held some of the most prestigious and successful auctions of Hollywood memorabilia and own virtually every Guinness Book record for prices of original screen-used memorabilia.  Highlights from their previous auctions include the "Cowardly Lion" costume from The Wizard of Oz for $805,000; Steve McQueen's "Michael Delaney" racing suit from Le Mans for $960,000; From the history-making Debbie Reynolds Auction in June 2011, Profiles in History sold the Marilyn Monroe "Subway" Dress from The Seven Year Itch for $5.52M and the Audrey Hepburn Ascot Dress from My Fair Lady for $4.44M. In February 2012, Profiles in History arranged the sale of a pair of Judy Garland screen-used Ruby Slippers from The Wizard of Oz  to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. In June 2017, at his Hollywood Auction 89, Joe sold the Gary Cannavo collection of Battlestar Galactica spaceships for 1.8 million dollars, the Saturday Night Fever dance floor for 1.2 million and an R2D2 for 2.76 million.  In May 2018, Joe sold the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous for 2.4 million. In addition, Joe Maddalena was the star of Hollywood Treasure, which aired on Syfy.  Hollywood Treasure took viewers into the fascinating world of showbiz and pop culture memorabilia.

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