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SCOPE's Miami Edition Promises to Excite with New OASIS Experience

Okuda San Miguel

Known for monumental murals and installations, Okuda San Miguel returns to SCOPE Miami Beach for the second year in a row to bring his newest project to life in the new OASIS.

Already known as a platform for discovery, SCOPE prides itself on exhibiting a wide range of contemporary artists. But this year, for the 19th edition of SCOPE Miami Beach opening December 3rd, the fair is not only highlighting innovation within the artistic community, but is also changing the entire art fair model with its new OASIS lounge.

“OASIS is an organic evolution of what SCOPE has always done,” said Alexis Hubshman, founder and president of SCOPE. “When we began, we were a scrappy hotel fair and had no idea where the market would go or what it would look like. Here we are nearly 20 years later with the same mission as when we began—to present a view of the contemporary art world available nowhere else. OASIS is our first step towards a stand-alone New Contemporary project that will marry our fair expertise with this new experiential model.”

Located in SCOPE’s expanded atrium, OASIS will feature daily experiential multidisciplinary programming, including panels discussing the New Contemporary, live painting, interactive installations, and performance artists. After dark, OASIS will transform into a multi-day nightlife experience featuring world-class talent.

Art Lexing, Elvin Banizade, The Sun Circle of Cura, 2019

Elvin Nabizade's The Sun Circle of Cura, 2019, exhibited in partnership with Art Lexing, is part of SCOPE Miami Beach's new showcase of Chinese Contemporary Art, FOCUS | ART CHINA.

“The larger than life installation by HOTTEA greets you as you walk into the tent,’ Hubshman said. “Once you step inside, you’re transported into an experiential realm that unfolds and transports the viewer and all their senses. We have 10 international artists from all mediums and disciplines creating work specifically for OASIS. It will be a presentation of New Contemporary work like no other.”

But that’s not all OASIS will provide—SCOPE’s goal was to blend a schedule of captivating programming with the fair’s wellness mission. Hubshman said that while the art world is well known for its history of excessive partying and drinking, many members of the community have begun prioritizing wellness, fitness, and meditation practices. As a result, OASIS will feature programming that supports the overall health of visitors, such as CBD treatments and morning guided meditation and sound bowls presented by Miami-based Innergy Meditation.

“True to its name, OASIS will create a safe space for visitors during the ‘Olympics of the Art World’ that is Miami Art Week,” Hubshman said. “At the same time, it provides a unique platform for guests to have intimate encounters with art from emerging and established artists alike.”


Hanging at the entrance of the SCOPE Pavilion, acclaimed street artist HOTTEA's massive, hanging installation features an eye-catching design made of brightly colored yarn.

In addition to OASIS, this year SCOPE Miami Beach will present FOCUS | ART CHINA, the new premier showcase of Chinese Contemporary Art in Miami, highlighting the global expansion of the genre. The exhibition will feature museum-quality work from both established and emerging artists across multiple disciplines.

“While others may try to imitate our special brand of presenting the new, most fall short,” Hubshman said. “When you come to SCOPE and experience OASIS, you will have a truly unique art week experience. We are known to take chances on artists and galleries and helping them realize monumental projects within the fair model. With OASIS, we have the unique opportunity to continue this on a larger scale with an emphasis on engaging the public in the cities we activate.”

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