Press Release  November 28, 2022

SCAD at Design Miami/

Encounter an inspiring design collaboration.

SCAD collaborates with renowned Mexican studio Cerámica Suro to debut vibrant collections of glazed tiles by SCAD alumni. Reflecting the artists' unique creative visions, the tiles are showcased in a dramatic arched intervention at Design Miami/. The immersive installation, which also features new lighting and furniture designs, transforms over the course of the fair, with a different collection enlivening the space each day.

Visit SCAD at Design Miami/ booth X09, featuring designs by Nicolas Barrera (M.Arch.; B.F.A., architecture, 2018), Lauren Clay (B.F.A., painting, 2004), Gonzalo Hernandez (M.F.A., fibers, 2019; M.A., painting, 2018), Cory Imig (B.F.A., fibers, 2008), Abel Macias (B.F.A., illustration, 2002), Nikita Nagpal (M.F.A., fibers, 2019), and Marcelo Suro (B.F.A., industrial design, 2022).

SCAD AT MIAMI engages students and alumni from a range of the university's award-winning degree programs — from painting, illustration, and fibers to architecture and industrial design.

Nicolas BarreraM.Arch.; B.F.A., architecture, 2018

Architectural designer Nicolas Barrera develops innovative spatial concepts to promote economic, cultural, and creative development around the world.

Lauren ClayB.F.A., painting, 2004

Working across mediums, artist Lauren Clay invokes surreal dreamworlds, engaging interconnected networks of symbols and archetypes.

Gonzalo HernandezM.F.A., fibers, 2019; M.A., painting, 2018

In his multifaceted practice, Gonzalo Hernandez eliminates the distinction between art and life, culling from personal narratives related to contemporary dilemmas.

Cory ImigB.F.A., fibers, 2008

Artist Cory Imig alters spaces — physically, visually, and temporally — in site-sensitive works that manipulate perceptual shifts in reality.

Abel MaciasB.F.A., illustration, 2002

Informed by the natural world, artist Abel Macias' practice synthesizes colors, textures, and patterns with a personal, handmade touch.

Nikita NagpalM.F.A., fibers, 2019

Artist Nikita Nagpal explores ideas of transformation and improvisation through the spontaneous, repetitive use of the hand as tool.

Marcelo SuroB.F.A., industrial design, 2022

Designer Marcelo Suro creates objects in which contradictory concepts converge, questioning notions of interaction, symbiosis, and transmutation.

SCAD Event at Design Miami/

Join SCAD President and Founder Paula Wallace in conversation with José Noé Suro, head of Mexico’s globally renowned Cerámica Suro, as they discuss how Suro evolved his family’s manufacturing business into a ceramics workshop of global distinction through partnerships with leading contemporary artists. They are joined on stage by SCAD alumni Abel Macias (B.F.A., illustration, 2002), Nikita Nagpal (M.F.A., fibers, 2019), and Marcelo Suro (B.F.A., industrial design, 2022), who participated in the unprecedented collaboration between SCAD and Cerámica Suro for SCAD AT MIAMI.


SCAD Booth at Design Miami/

About President Wallace
Paula Wallace is president and founder of the Savannah College of Art and Design. Under President Wallace’s leadership, SCAD’s restoration and adaptive reuse efforts in Atlanta, Savannah, and Lacoste, France, provide inspiring learning environments for students and have garnered prestigious awards from the American Institute of Architects, American Society of Interior Designers, National Trust for Historic Preservation, and the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art. President Wallace led the creation of SCADpro, a design and innovation studio that generates business solutions for the world’s most influential brands. Through SCADpro, SCAD students, guided by expert faculty, partner with top companies, including Google, NASA, Uber, Microsoft, JCB, Fisher-Price, IKEA, and Fossil, to research and solve real-world business challenges. She established the SCAD Museum of Art in Savannah and SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion + Film in Atlanta. She also created SCAD Art Sales, a full-service art consultancy that curates and commissions artwork for any environment. She authored a memoir, The Bee and the Acorn; two interior design titles; and several children’s books. Among many awards and honors, Wallace has been named among the world’s “30 Most Admired Educators” by DesignIntelligence and was awarded the inaugural Elle Decor Vision Award. Wallace is an honorary member of the AIA, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and a Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques.

About Cerámica Suro
Cerámica Suro is an artisanal ceramics studio located in Guadalajara, Mexico, that has been family run since the 1950s. Originally focused on manufacturing wares for luxury hotels, José Noé Suro began to invite artists to collaborate on custom ceramic tiles and unique serving dishes when he took over the factory from his father. These partnerships with contemporary artists have become the primary focus of Cerámica Suro in recent years, providing artists an opportunity to work in residency at the studio and to create compelling ceramic tiles that are fabricated to the highest aesthetic standards. The resulting installations have received international recognition and have established Cerámica Suro’s place as the world’s preeminent ceramic art workshop.

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