Press Release  April 16, 2021

Mono Petra's Exhibition on the Moon

Photo by Nikolay Pandev.

Mono Petra, Moon

The artist Mono Petra, remember his name, will present an unusual project–an exhibition of sculptures on "the Moon" surface.

While the world is confined by the coronavirus, Mono Petra has decided to leave the locked-down planet Earth and exhibit his works on "the Moon." And this is happening fifty years after the American astronauts first stepped on the Moon, a tremendous step for the whole of mankind.

"I have been observing this celestial body since childhood. Back then, I was thinking the Moon was the night light for all of us down here on Earth. Later, it became a beloved place where I had chats with other mates stunned by its splendor", shares the artist, "Since I have employed myself with art, I have been imagining its potential to become the most prestigious exhibition space, where I would be honored to show my creations."

"I am a painter to the bottom of my heart, to the Moon and back, and I am creating paintings by metal to add volume to my expressions," Mono Petra explains his works made of crafted and colored old bed metal springs, "Each sculpture comes with a message, charged with emotions, connected to our lives here, on planet Earth. For example, Love praises the Bible, the golden hand of Lord God touching the fingers of His creation, "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life".

Photo by Nikolay Pandev.

Mono Petra, Love.

Mono Petra will show six other of his works: Compass, Sacrifice, Sculpture of Language, Wheel, Androgyne, and Death in his first broadcast from the Moon. The artist will not remake previous visualizations of the Moon surface but is creating his very own.

"I want to break free from the status quo of the imposed images and provoke you to dream of a Universe which is not limited in atmospheres. Why should we stay in the technological cage, repeating and retelling that we are lonely in the Cosmos, if we still can send our divine spirit as a message and let it give birth to new 'living souls'?"

Mono Petra chose for his first broadcast a crater named after the great American scientist and occultist Jack Parsons and located at the dark side of the Moon. The artist promises more new broadcasts to follow and a long and entertaining artistic Moon adventure.

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