Gallery  February 4, 2022

"Looking Up" at D’Arcy Simpson Art Works

D’Arcy Simpson Art Works

Two Works Displayed Side by Side - Elevation, Michael Larry Simpson, 49” x 64”, Oil, stain, dye on wood, 2021. & Name Unknown, Jeremy Bullis, Stainless steel wire and enamel, 36” x 22”, 1998/2021

Looking Up - D’Arcy Simpson Art Works is pleased to feature new work by Jeremy Bullis and Michael Larry Simpson in Looking Up, opening on Saturday, February 12th, 2022. The large scale color field paintings by Simpson shown alongside Bullis’ ethereal kinetic mobiles fashions an immersive atmosphere of movement filling this intimate gallery with music for the eyes. In this exhibition, each artist explores ideas of movement, balance, tension and harmony within their own practices of composition and construction.

D’Arcy Simpson Art Works

Elevation, Michael Larry Simpson, 49” x 64”, Oil, stain, dye on wood, 2021.

The kinetic mobiles of Jeremy Bullis are a continuation of the works of his late father David Bullis. After traveling the world as a young man, David Bullis developed a style of kinetic art that was gestural, organic and introspective. He educated his son in the engineering concepts behind his designs, and fostered in him the meticulous precision and attention to detail that is necessary to create works of such perfect and seemingly effortless balance. Today Jeremy is himself an accomplished sculptor. In “Look Up,” both David and Jeremy’s mobiles are exhibited, encapsulating a conversation on the movement of line, color, and negative space across the decades between father and son.

In his latest work, Michael Larry Simpson pushes out the edges of his signature rectangular color panel paintings to create larger, complex geometric shapes, resulting in more layered and dynamic works. Simpson composes his pieces with multiple color panel paintings to create relationships that move the eye within and around the work, often in harmony, at times in discord. His aim is “to evoke visceral and metaphorical possibilities” and “engage the viewer in dynamic discourse”. As a whole, the pieces in the show strike chords that seem hopeful and harmonious, yet challenge easy contemplation, as Simpson prompts viewers to look up, look around and, ultimately, look within.

D’Arcy Simpson Art Works

Name Unknown, Jeremy Bullis, Stainless steel wire and enamel, 36” x 22”, 1998/2021

D’Arcy Simpson Art Works is an emerging commercial gallery in Hudson NY that promotes the rich variety of quality contemporary art created in the Hudson Valley Region. Gallery owner Ellen D’Arcy Simpson strives to encourage new collectors to understand and trust their intuitive reactions to art through discussion and education. The program consists of monthly artist takeovers and a rotating collection of work by those artists throughout the year. The gallery also works to build community in support of local art and artists through the development of initiatives including the annual Art Works Senior Award to Hudson High School art students, the Hudson Second Saturday Gallery Crawl, and a variety of public and activist art projects.

D’Arcy Simpson Art Works
February 12-March 6
Artist Reception Saturday, February 12, 5-8pm
Contact: Ellen D’Arcy Simpson

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