Press Release  January 29, 2021

Historic Rarities at Old World Auction

Old World Auctions

Abraham Ortelius, “Gallia,” 1588. Estimate: $7,000-$9,000.

Richmond, Virginia – Several rare, historic pieces are being brought to auction for the first time by Old World Auctions in their Sale #181, ending on February 10. One important piece is the second-ever issue of the Cherokee Orphan Asylum Press, a newspaper created by Cherokee orphans in 1880 for members of the Cherokee Nation.

The paper includes news articles, essays, and poems written by children and offers a rare perspective into the lives of the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma. Only a few issues of the Cherokee Orphan Asylum Press are known to exist, all of which are housed in institutions. This item is estimated at $1,500-$2,500.

Old World Auctions

Cherokee Orphan Asylum Press, 1880. Estimate: $1,500-$2,500.

Another important piece of Americana is a rare real estate map from 1912, “Gillette Regent Square in Santa Monica Cal.” This map advertises lots available for sale in the newly established Gillette Regent Square, named after the inventor of the safety razor who invested in development of the area. No institutional examples or dealer listings are known of this Santa Monica map, which is estimated at $600-$750.

One rarity that is only known in 6 surviving examples is Abraham Ortelius’ map “Gallia,” which was separately issued and didn’t regularly appear in his Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. This example comes from the private collection of the late Marcel van den Broecke, who was the foremost expert on Ortelius. “Gallia” is estimated at $7,000-$9,000.

Old World Auctions

Knapp & Woodard, “Gillette's Regent Square in Santa Monica Cal.”, 1912. Estimate: $600-$750.

Also included in the sale is Andrew Dury’s important Revolutionary War plan, “A Plan of Boston, and Its Environs,” published 12 March 1776. The plan depicts the Siege of Boston from a British perspective and was drawn on the spot by Lieutenant Richard Williams in October 1775. This map is in splendid contemporary color and is estimated at $24,000-$28,000.

Old World Auctions

Andrew Dury, “A Plan of Boston, and Its Environs,” 1776. Estimate: $24,000-$28,000.

Other notable items making their first appearance at Old World Auctions are:

1. Pictorial map of Chicago gang wars: “A Map of Chicago’s Gangland” by Bruce Roberts, Inc. (1931). Est. $14,000-$18,000.

2. One of the earliest printed maps to show Hong Kong: “Carte d’une Partie des Cotes de la Chine,” by Apres de Mannevillette (1775). Est. $1,600-1,900.

3. Complete 2-volume atlas with 221 maps: General Atlas, by SDUK (1852). Est. $7,000-$8,500.

4. English edition of Cook’s landmark map of New Zealand: “Chart of New-Zealand,” by Cook (1772). Est. $2,000-$2,300.

5. Civil-War era strip map of the Mississippi River: “Lloyd’s Map of the Lower Mississippi River,” by James Lloyd (1863). Est. $8,000-$9,500.

6. Commercial map capitalizing on interest in the American Southwest: “Map of Mexico, Texas, Old and New California, and Yucatan,” by Kellogg (1847). Est. $2,750-$3,500.

7. Map by famed Hollywood costume designer: “Being a Map of Hollywood from the Best Surveys of the Time,” by Harold Grieve (1926). Est. $2,000-$2,500.

8. Peruvian propaganda map of Peru-Ecuador War: “Sinopsis Ilustrada de las Operaciones en el Norte,” by Raul Vizcarra (1941). Est. $500-$700.

In addition to these items, Old World Auction's February 10 sale will feature over 750 antique maps, atlases, books, prints, historical documents, and illuminated manuscripts spanning seven centuries of history. Register to bid online or via phone call. 

Established in 1977, Old World Auctions is the leading specialist in antique maps. The company has researched and listed over 100,000 maps and atlases in their auctions, and offers their research free to the public through their online archive. Old World Auctions offers a 100% money-back guarantee on the authenticity and condition report of every item sold and maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The company is owned and operated in Richmond, Virginia, by University of Virginia alumni, Eliane & Jon Dotson.

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