Press Release  May 17, 2021

AWNL Brings the Solid Geometric Art to Meteorite Jewelry Design

Courtesy AWNL.

AWNL Interstellar Meteorite Rings.

The Swedish jewelry brand AWNL prides itself in geometry art by unconventionally installing the pyramid—a three-sided polygon with three vertices—into a meteorite so as to bestow special beauty on the wearer.

By challenging the difficulty of traditional craftsmanship, AWNL successfully cut meteorite pieces to solid geometric shapes with the Widmanstätten pattern of Muonionalusta fully preserved and presented.

Utilization of Solid Geometric Art in Meteorite Shape Design by AWNL

As an emerging fashion trend, meteorite jewelry has been igniting the craze for owning “a real shooting star” in the niche market. However, the masses' perception of meteorite jewelry design still remains old-fashioned—flat and single-sided slices. Nevertheless, as a Swedish Talisman jewelry brand, AWNLJEWELS desires to share with the public its innovative combination of the latest jewelry with solid geometric art, by presenting their newest collection–Interstellar Meteorite Collection.

Unlike the common pendant of flat meteorite slices and round meteorite band rings in the market, AWNL presents customers with jewelry pieces in the form of pyramids. And this decision is not a coincidence.

Since the pyramid is said to carry a supernatural power–pyramid power, which is believed to improve personal health, function "as a thought-form incubator," and can even trigger sexual urges, AWNL decided to implement this form to bring positive power to the wearer.

By overcoming the technical difficulties of meteor cutting and preserving, AWNL successfully brings the unique shape to life. With the application of "Meteo-protecta-Tech" and sophisticated cutting expertise, the talisman effect of pyramids and sense of geometric beauty becomes factual.

The geometric style is a class of modern jewelry styles; included in its beauty are irregular changes with endless possibilities and the geometric creativity made of dots, lines, triangles, and circles. These easily convey AWNL’s concept of minimalist art, adds a dose of modern Nordic fashion, and defines the uniqueness of the wearer's beauty.

Courtesy AWNL.

AWNL Jewels.

Utilization of Geometric Art from Nature by AWNL

AWNL strongly believes that geometric art is a harmonious aesthetic bestowed by nature. Typical examples are rocks, snowflake crystals, and the Widmanstätten structure (geometrical meteoritic pattern). All this brings about the use of Muonionalusta meteorite to AWNL.

Courtesy AWNL.

Widmanstätten pattern of Muonionalusta.

The Swedish Meteorite–The Importance of Time and Space

Over One Million years and four ice ages, the Swedish meteorite (Muonionalusta), is the oldest of its kind ever-present.

In 1906, the first fragment was discovered near the Kitkiöjärvi village by meteorite hunters. Over four ice ages, it was forgotten under the northern lights and left untouched. This abstract piece of artwork was produced by space and time. This unique geometric pattern usually forms by the gradual cooling of extremely hot iron-nickel alloys. AWNL discovered its charm and became determined to imitate these falling stars with daily accessories.

Courtesy AWNL.

AWNL Jewels.

Other Meteorite Jewelry Collections from AWNLJEWELS

Apart from the interstellar collection, AWNL has a top collection of men’s beaded meteorite bracelets and meteorite necklaces of classic design. Whether a shooting star or a guiding star, AWNL always brings the real star to all.

One thing that has been crystal clear about AWNLJEWELS since its inception is the determination to create products for people’s hearts through the combination of meteorites, modern-day jewel designs, and art.

AWNLJEWELS has been dedicated in its craft and design to continually bring only the best versions of jewelry that fit into the modern world and give their wearers a sense of belonging and peace like no other jewelry.

The AWNL brand interpretation of the combination of natural materials, exquisite craftsmanship, and the Nordic mystic meditation is intended to awaken the wearer's hidden potential by revealing the power of protection and healing.

Courtesy AWNL.

AWNL Jewels.


Thirty-five years ago, the Lindberg family (a sophisticated jeweler from Stockholm), dove deep into the northern wilderness of Sweden and found a mysterious jewelry material called Muonionalusta meteorite. Since then, attention has been on transforming this magical meteorite into traditional jewelry items.

Early this century, the family's second generation acquired the company by suggesting the latest and cutting-edge style into the project. In 2011, the energy jewelry brand AWNL (All We Need is Love) was established. The Swedish philosophers and mystics created it and were influenced by Emanuel Swedenborg.

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