Press Release  July 6, 2023

Art & Object Announces Rozalia Jovanovic as Its New Editorial Director

Art & Object

CHAPEL HILL, NC - Art & Object, the leading fine art news website, today announced a key change in editorial leadership. Co-founder Jeremy Howell, who served as the site's editor since 2018, will hand over the editorial reins to Rozalia Jovanovic. Howell will assume a new role as Managing Director, focusing on brand expansion and business initiatives.

Reflecting on Art & Object's journey, Howell said, "When I started Art & Object, my goal was to create a site that covered the contemporary art world through an art historical lens. The site has evolved a great deal since then. I am enormously proud of what the Art & Object team has accomplished." He further added, "I know that under Rozalia Jovanovic's editorial leadership, the site will only continue to grow and improve."

Rozalia Jovanovic, a seasoned art reporter and editor, brings a decade-long experience to the role. "I started out as an art reporter at The New York Observer," said Jovanovic, "then editor at many art publications, including Artnet where I was among the original team that launched its news site, Artnet News." Over time, Jovanovic developed a keen interest in digital strategy, which she successfully implemented at De Buck Gallery, significantly increasing its online presence and audience engagement.

Speaking about the new role, Jovanovic expressed, "What has always excited me about the art world is the artists, and being in the privileged position to have a kind of front-row seat to the great work that is being created by artists around the world." Her editor style, she says, has generally been "to look at what is in conversation: what major exhibitions, events, art fairs, and happenings are on the horizon that are exciting and make sense for us to explore."

Jovanovic intends to lead Art & Object with the same broad, connoisseur-oriented approach that includes contemporary art, design, and antiquities, whilst adding her distinctive news-and-event-based approach. "Art & Object will continue to be led by this best-in-art-and-design ethos that has been in its DNA, but with a bit of the news-and-event-based approach that I bring to the table."

As Art & Object embarks on this new chapter, Jovanovic is excited about the future. "I’m most looking forward to working with Art & Object's great stable of writers
 she stated, "I'm also thrilled to be at a publication that is growing and expanding and trying new things."

About Art & Object: Art & Object is a Chapel Hill, NC-based fine art news website, providing the latest art news and important art stories since its inception in 2017. Its mission is to inform collectors and drive the conversation about art.

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