Press Release  August 24, 2020

Aleph Contemporary Presents “The Just”

courtesy aleph contemporary

Pat Andrea, Bleeding Door

As the possibility of a progressive culture and a more equal society seems to recede daily, and the hope for social justice seems like an extinguished flame, how do we save ourselves from the despairing realization that the human race is forever trapped within an endless cycle of tribal dominance, capitalistic accumulation and will-to-power? Can we ever break from our aggressive self interest and achieve a social state of grace in harmony with the other?

courtesy aleph contemporary

Lee Johnson, Fashion Sweater

In dark times we might turn to art for enlightenment, as at least within the confines of a painting, the hope of a better world can be kept alive, as well as the possibility of empathy, self-understanding and a confrontation with our own flaws.

The artists in this virtual exhibition all make paintings that explore the ethical and moral dilemmas of human beings, their boundaries and territories, their conflicts and struggles. Each artist offers hope in the possibility of a momentary perception of aesthetic transcendence. Together they create an ambiguous human terrain, guiding us through the dark walls of this virtual gallery.

Aleph Contemporary is a London-based contemporary art gallery with an international roster of emerging and mid career artists. The name Aleph is inspired by Jorge Luis Borges' story of the same name and expresses our commitment to the importance of dialogue, invention, and the value of experiencing and understanding art today. Offering a curated selection of contemporary painting and works on paper, Aleph is committed to nurturing artists as voices of our contemporary world and experience.

courtesy aleph contemporary

The Just Virtual Gallery Installation

Guest artist Pat Andrea, internationally renowned Dutch figurative painter, is about to have his fifth retrospective, this time at the MORE museum in the Netherlands, which is dedicated to Dutch Neo-Realism. Andrea is represented in Paris by Galerie Laurent Strouk, in The Hague by Galerie Ramakers, and in Brussels by Galerie DYS. His work has been purchased by Kunstmuseum, The Hague, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, Centre Pompidou, Paris, and many more.

Dan Coombs is a British painter who lives and works in London. He has had solo exhibitions at Aleph Contemporary, The Fine Art Society, New Art Projects, and The Approach Gallery in London, and at Nicodim Gallery in Los Angeles.

Aleph Contemporary Presents The Just Curated by Dan Coombs

Pat Andrea (Guest Artist)

Michael Ajerman

Jacopo Dal Bello

Christy Burdock

Sophie Vallance Cantor

Ben Westley Clarke

Dan Coombs

Archie Franks

Holly Froy

Joana Galego

Alastair Gordon

Peter Griffin

Zebedee Jones

Lee Johnson

Phil King

Alice Macdonald

Kathryn Maple

Paul Newman

Miroslav Pomichal

Fiona G Roberts

Cristina Ruiz Guiñazú

Jaime Valtierra

Grant Watson

Tess Williams

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