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11 Highlights of SCOPE Miami Beach

Featuring 140 exhibitors from 25 countries and 60 cities, SCOPE Miami Beach brings together great art from around the world. Here is a sampling of the stunning modern and contemporary works available from December 4-9.

Johan Andersson @johanartist, Bubble gum

Johan Andersson @johanartistBubble gum, oil on canvas

Johan Andersson seeks to give representation and visibility to those who do not conform to the popular social consciousness of culture. Whether expressed through paintings confronting issues of body image, ethnic or racial prejudice, religious discrimination or gender stereotypes; the protagonist is often someone who might easily be overlooked.

For Andersson, the purpose is not to condemn modern culture, rather to help people discover who they are within it and to realize that we all carry something unique and truly beautiful.

Art Unified Gallery

Booth H05

Ingebjørg Støyva, Bestemors teppe II

Ingebjørg Støyva, Bestemors teppe II, acrylic on canvas

Ingebjørg Støyva uses painting to give her other ways to tell stories, and to communicate without using the spoken word. This continually follows her and in her work: seeking to employ illustrative techniques as a means to express the subtle. You can call her a narrative painter, guided by the act of suggesting, rather than stating, a mood or a story. Her own hope is that the elements in her work are somehow emotionally recognizable.

Galleri Ramfjord

Booth B19

Erika Sanada, Travel Buddy

Erika Sanada, Travel Buddy, ceramic, cold finish, wall-mounted sculpture

Erika Sanada's early inspirations stemmed from creatures and characters of horror films. Watching these stories were a way for her to escape unpleasant realities during childhood. She creates intricate, hairless ceramic creatures—often adorable but also unsettling and bizarre. Sanada received her BA in Tokyo and worked as a commercial illustrator and a makeup artist for film before moving to California where she received her MFA in sculpture. The artist is represented by Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco where she currently lives and works.

Modern Eden

Booth H07

John Kilduff, Saltzy Ice Cream

John Kilduff, Saltzy Ice Cream, oil on canvas

John Kilduff is an artist living and working in Los Angeles. Kilduff is best known for his cable access television show titled "Let's Paint TV". In 2006, Kilduff began to upload these videos to Youtube and became an internet celebrity. Kilduff now does his show daily online and performs live at various venues around the world.

bG Gallery

Booth F37

MrD1987, Make Art Great Again

MrD1987, Make Art Great Again, mixed media on upcycled spray cans on panel

Born in Versailles, France, Sebastien “Mr. D” Boileau was influenced by the American Pop Art and Graffiti movement of the 60s, 70s, and 80s and began his artistic endeavors in Paris in 1987 at the age of 14. Mr. D’s signature style is known as “Canpressionism“ a neo-impressionist style primarily done with spray paint and street art techniques. “After 28 years as an artist, the stigma remains, and I want to change people’s perception in regards to Urban Art. My artistic and personal goal is to use my skills, experience, and credibility to demonstrate an “Urban Art as Fine Art” approach through ‘Canpressionism’.”


Booth D39

Lúcio Carvalho, Dominique's Perfume

Lúcio Carvalho, Dominique's Perfume, from The Fragile Protections Collection

Lúcio Carvalho's work is inspired by scenography as well as the Baroque, Rococo and Renaissance eras. Emotion, memory and imaginary archives–fragments from the past, projections of the future–create works that needs to be protected because of their fragility. Using painting, photography as well as sculpture, Carvalho is not particularly attached to any medium. For him, they can change at any time, and are interchangeable and only at the service of the idea. What is central to his practice is experimentation: to let them overflow, to express desire, to materialize his idea with a mix of pleasure and pain, giving him some sort of relief. No matter which medium he is using, all his work is conceived like a painting, layer by layer.

Chic Evolution in Art

Booth H03

Bates Wilson, Traveler

Bates Wilson, Traveler, recycled materials ranging from engine parts, highway road sign and scrap aluminum diamond plate

Bates Wilson is an actor who became a sculptor when he started making art to fill his Brooklyn loft. An American flag made from corrugated metal and aluminum was his first piece; since then Bates has used recycled metal and found objects to create airplanes that seem to transform into dolphins swimming in the ocean, strangely beautiful winged icons made from old car parts, old machines, and highway signs, and many more creations that seem simultaneously old and new, organic and inorganic, retro and science fiction. As Bates himself says, “The idea is to make something new out of things old; to take that which is discarded and renew the life that it once had. Art should allow for a continuous evolution of materials and ideas”.
Vail International Gallery

Booth E13

Peter Triantos

Peter Triantos has a diverse and vast body of work, each breathtaking series he creates is a thoughtful departure from the last. The hit ‘Jelly Bean’ series is a visual euphony of positivity energy and joy. Vibrant colors and bold brush strokes come together to create lively compositions that are simple yet sophisticated.

Peter Triantos Art Gallery

Booth D11

Pure Evil, You Can’t Buy Happiness Steal It

Pure Evil, You Can’t Buy Happiness Steal It, Stencil Spray Paint on Canvas 

Pure Evil was born in the form of Charles Uzzell Edwards in South Walks in 1968. He grew up in a world of art thanks to his father, Welsh painter John Uzzell Edwards. A child of Contemporary London and Silicon Vallery era San Francisco, Pure Evil is also a child of his times. His art of primarily modern icons expresses both biographical signature and western culture critique. His pop culture symbols are spewed, and therefore viewed, along the urban and artistic landscape from Sao Paolo to Sydney.

Pure Evil Gallery

Booth F31

Ingo Swann painting

Works by Ingo Swann, an acclaimed psi-researcher and author who participated in over a
hundred academic and government-backed research studies which investigated human psychic powers as a reality. Swann pioneered the skill of “remote viewing,” a psychic ability that allowed one to see physically distant locations, such as the surface of planets. Swann worked with the CIA from 1978 to 1995 to train a group of military personnel in remote viewing, with the goal of creating their own psychic spies.

Empty Circle Space

Booth A09

Charlotta Jan Oedekoven, The Hangover

Charlotta Jan Oedekoven, The Hangover, acrylic on canvas

Charlotta currently resides in Miami, Florida, where she works as a freelance designer. Her fine art style has taken its own distinctive direction as a lively mix of street/pop art, pop surrealism and cartoon, mostly using acrylics, spray paint and mixed media. Besides her paintings, Charlotta still draws a lot. She illustrated and designed the German Children`s Book “Charlotte`s Phantastische Geschichten” and "The Tasting Room", funny anecdotes from the wine tasting counter and has privately been working on a comic book called “The Superuschi`s”. Charlotta has also worked as an illustrator for the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) Switzerland and Parc ELA, Switzerland. In Europe especially, she is known for her commissioned equestrian and canine art, (formerly which is now merged under Blood&Candy, her artist brand, which combines her Fine Art, Illustration and Custom Art. 

Salomon Arts Gallery

Booth C25

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