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With Earth Day approaching, it feels appropriate to bring the concept of environmental art back to the forefront of conversation. Environmental art, also referred to as land art, Earth art, and Earthworks, surged in the early 1960s as an outlet for artists to bring a heightened sense of awareness to the impact humans have on the environment.
Often referred to as “the grandmother of performance art,” Marina Abramović, born in 1946, has spent her career taking risks to plumb the depths of the human psyche. A celebrated and controversial performance artist since the 1970s, Abramović brought this experimental art form into the mainstream with shockingly thought-provoking gallery shows, installations, and videos.
Based in LA, Fallah makes detailed, collage-esque paintings with mirrored and patterned images.
Art & Object looks back at a 2021 conversation with the in-demand artist to discuss her initial interest in art, opportunities that have come her way and how they have impacted her work, and her paintings in "Loose Screw," her LA solo show premiere at Blum & Poe.
For many, the term “printmaking” may conjure images of Enlightenment-era political cartoons or perhaps a Renaissance printing press, but printmaking is one of the oldest human art forms.
Glass artist Jonathan Michael Davis was forced to navigate the changing context of a 2019 airport commission—for which he designed coronal sculptures—when COVID arrived. “What began as an initial attempt to find humor in playing with deceptive aesthetics and ambiguous shapes quickly turned into a dark irony.”
April Bey’s practice is grounded in the fundamental truth that systems and attitudes don’t need to be the way they are. Through both her striking aesthetic and her conceptual approach, Bey breaks down the false limitations set by the visual arts and society; she expands, melts, and redefines categories and mediums.
"Puberty" is chockfull of intelligent art-historical references, handwritten personal divulgences, casually surreal still lifes, and nude self-portraiture. Every aspect of the publication contributes to the work’s larger goal: To document the artist’s experience of HRT as a non-binary transgender person.
The fedora stays on, the jacket, too, even in the dog days of summer as Bell mills about his new show, Larry Bell & John Chamberlain. His contribution includes a corner of the south gallery occupied by his trademark glass cubes as well as vapor drawings made from cutouts and the same microparticles he applies to the cubes.
Fascinated by language, its connection to the visual, and the craft of paper making, McClure became fluent in Japanese and found herself shocked by the many mistranslations she began to encounter, attributing them not only to linguistic mistakes but also to cultural misunderstandings. 
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