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If a roadtrip is in your future, a new publication from Princeton Architectural Press may be just what you need to add some art history to your vacation.
Beyond restricting social interactions and physical mobility, global stay-at-home orders impacted the work of contemporary artists around the world in a number of ways.
"Photography for me is more than a passion or an obsession: it’s a necessity. As a photographer, I persist with my own dreams,” says Xiaoxiao Xu.
For many, the term “printmaking” may conjure images of Enlightenment-era political cartoons or perhaps a Renaissance printing press, but printmaking is one of the oldest human art forms.

One of the great painters at the turn of the 20th century, Paula Modersohn-Becker’s unique voice and style defy easy categorization. A contemporary of Picasso and Monet, Modersohn-Becker used thick impasto paint application in vibrant colors, creating paintings that would be important examples of early German expressionism. Here is a look at ten of her greatest paintings.

Eddy Susanto’s work stands out in the field of contemporary art, in part due to the similarities he sees between graphic design and art.
Based in LA, Fallah makes detailed, collage-esque paintings with mirrored and patterned images.

Born and educated in Poland, London-based artist and designer Marcin Rusak blends the natural and industrial worlds in his dramatic objects for the home.

Rusak casts flowers and exotic plant life in poured resin, preserving their ephemeral beauty forever in tables, lamps, screens, and more. Rusak’s works are visually striking: the smoothness of his surfaces and the natural beauty of the plants embedded in them draw the viewer in. But what makes his works truly memorable are the contrasts they embody.