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On May 18, Art & Object will launch its first virtual art fair. The first of many vFairs to come, this premier installment—a Contemporary Art show that promises to embody the art world’s cutting edge—will feature top emerging artists.
Vellum LA and DIVERSEartLA share the goal of broadening the conversation around art, redefining what has value and who gets to call themselves artists. “At the end of the day, art is subjective,” offers Velicescu. “What did naysayers say when contemporary art came around? ‘I can do that.’ Well, do it then."
After a year’s hiatus, the eighth annual FOG Design+Art Fair returns to San Francisco’s Fort Mason Center, January 20–23, 2022. Bringing together over forty major art and design dealers and galleries from all over the world, the return of this popular fair promises to be unforgettable.
This year marks the tenth anniversary of Salon Art + Design, one of the most unique fairs in the country. After being forced to cancel the 2020 edition due to COVID-19, the fair is back in 2021 to showcase breathtaking fine art and incredible design.
The Affordable Art Fair will give visitors another opportunity to fall in love with original artwork. Galleries, dealers, and established artist collectives may only submit original works from living artists and all prices must be between $100 and $10,000.
From September 9 - 12, New York City was abuzz with the return of the Armory Show and Independent, two of the most prominent fairs in the industry. Fall is traditionally the busiest season for the art world, and this year was no exception with many art goers trying to make up for lost time.
When it opens in its new location at the Javits Center on September 9, The Armory Show will have close to 200 exhibitors—more than it had last year.
For the first time at a major art fair, NFT’s, a phenomenon spurred on by COVID, take center stage, which means art lovers who’ve spent the past year and a half looking at art on their screens, can now look at it on a screen in public!
Perhaps in an effort to address the scandal, this year’s projects cover wide-ranging social and environmental issues, exploring “themes of land rights and ownership, the desert as a border, migration, water exploitation, social justice, racial narratives of the west, the gendered landscape, and the role of women and young people.” 
When the Outsider Art Fair (OAF) opens on January 29, it will have a decidedly post-pandemic stride.