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As museums and galleries across the country struggle to find new ways to remain relevant in our current pandemic-induced age of anxiety, Compound, a bold new showcase melding contemporary art practice, health, and wellness, along with community engagement has burst on the scene. Housed in a renovated 15,000 square foot 1930s Art Deco building in Long Beach, California, Compound is the passion project of founder and creative director Megan Tagliaferri.

In this iconic oil on canvas, a testimony to Wilfredo Lam's technical mastery, the artist depicts a polymorphic fantastical figure remnant of the artist's Afro-Cuban cultural background. 
Painter Davood Roostaei has lived in many places and had many lives. His work shows the complexity of his experiences, which he has created a new artistic style to be able to fully express–Cryptorealism.

Beginning on Thursday, September 17, Cross Contemporary Partners, the new online fine arts marketing division of Katharine T. Carter & Associates, will host the second part of its inaugural exhibition.

Here are nine can't-miss works by distinguished artists collected for the first time in a digital gallery, including art by Sarah Hinckley, Bassmi Ibrahim, Anne Marchand, Stewart Nachmias, John A. O’Connor, Dellamarie Parrilli, Lee Saloutos, Susan Sommer, and Gail Hillow Watkins.

From July 1 through August 31, 2020, Cross Contemporary Partners, the new online fine arts marketing division of Katharine T. Carter & Associates is hosting its inaugural exhibition.

Here are 12 can't-miss works by distinguished artists collected for the first time in a digital gallery, including art by Anne Hieronymus, Sol Hill, Kaethe Kauffman, Victoria Lowe, Francie Lyshak, Nancy Macko, Robert Mango, Deborah Masters, Bobbie Moline-Kramer, John Lyon Paul, Martin Weinstein, and Gail Watkins.

On July 19, New Orleans Auction Galleries' Fine Art Auction will host its annual Modern and Contemporary Fine Art Auction. The sale will feature works by artists such as Fernand Leger, Milton Avery, Martha Walter, Dorothy Hood, Louise Nevelson, Andy Warhol, Rene Magritte, Yvonne Canu, Roy Lichtenstein, Tom Wesselmann, Toots Zynsky, Olaf Wieghorst, Futura 2000, Lin Emery, Wolf Kahn, William J. McCloskey, Enrique Alferez, Ida Kohlmeyer, George Dureau, Laurie Simmons, Salvador Dali, Ashley Longshore, Alexandra Nechita and George Rodrigue among many others.

The story of Buddhist art in China is the story of the nation itself. Though the religion arrived in China as early as 25–220 CE, over the course of China’s long history of political and religious revolutions, perception of Buddhist symbols have shifted time and again, so that at various times these works of art were promoted and at other times destroyed.

Following the critical success of Miami Beach, SCOPE New York returns for its 20th Anniversary show at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea with a focus on The New Contemporary.

This special edition show will host 60 international galleries and a focused schedule of events, performances, and special projects celebrating SCOPE’s journey from entrepreneurial upstart to full-fledged heritage brand.

Art & Object had the pleasure of talking to Leah Steinhardt, the Group Director of the Sculpture Objects Functional Art and Design fair (SOFA). In the conversation, Steinhardt discussed the upcoming 2019 fair's theme, her thoughts on collecting art objects, and how the 26 year old fair continues to stay true to its mission.
In the past decade, interest in Urban and New Contemporary art has exploded among collectors and the general public alike. The massive amount of media coverage and overwhelmingly positive response to Bansky's recent Love is in the Bin ("Shredded Balloon Girl") is a testament to how far this kind of art, once seen as the work of mere hooligans, has come. Moniker Art Fair, dedicated to championing the Urban and New Contemporary Art scene, has played a big part in this transformation.