Shobha Broota: Resonance


Aicon Gallery is proud to present Resonance, the first New York solo exhibition by New Delhi-based artist Shobha Broota. The current exhibition spans the past decade of the artist’s practice, and is comprised, in equal parts, of work in Broota’s two most iconic styles. First, her sublime and deceptively complex meditations in oil and acrylic on canvas, usually focused around a central non-figurative element, that simultaneously reflect both an inner spiritual journey and an ongoing exploration of the cosmic or tantric. And second, a series of “woven paintings”, featuring meticulously patterned arrangements of wool on canvas that appear to vibrate and shimmer with a transcendental quality suggesting vast but subtly interconnected worlds. This is the artist’s second exhibition with Aicon Gallery and her first in its New York space.

Start Date
Thursday, August 2, 2018
End Date
Saturday, September 8, 2018
Aicon Gallery

Shobha Broota: Resonance

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