Laurence Miller presents Toshio Shibata's Five Decades


The photographs of Toshio Shibata achieve a unique harmony by focusing on the interweaving of natural forces with man-made structures. Long exposures capture water's strength and innate grace as it spills, crashes, and glides over constructed sluices and channels. Arcing paths of highways are seen carving into mountainsides and sheer cliff faces are transformed into repeating patterns as they are interlaced with human engineering. Using a large format camera, he eliminates most references to scale, sky, and horizon while providing crisp detail and texture. Under Shibata's eye, the contemporary landscape becomes a mysterious abstract composition, the result of nature being entertwined with engineering.

Start Date
Wednesday, June 12, 2019
End Date
Monday, August 16, 0219
Laurence Miller Gallery

Laurence Miller presents Toshio Shibata's Five Decades

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