Indicators: Artists on Climate Change


Indicators: Artists on Climate Change uses Storm King’s Museum Building and 500-acre site as platforms for seventeen contemporary artists to present work that engages with some of the many challenges—scientific, cultural, personal, psychological—that climate change has brought to humankind. Several artists draw inspiration from Storm King’s landscape and local ecosystem to speak to broader issues impacting the environment, global climate trends, and human ways of life. Environmental stewardship is at the core of Storm King’s mission, and Storm King’s setting—with intimate galleries as well as a host of different landscape conditions—provides artists with a unique and inspiring vantage from which to address ideas surrounding climate change, and also situates our audiences in a frame of mind that might allow them to think afresh about these issues. Ten of the exhibition’s outdoor, site-specific installations are newly created for the exhibition at Storm King.

Start Date
Saturday, May 19, 2018
End Date
Sunday, November 11, 2018
Storm King

Indicators: Artists on Climate Change


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