Frank Gallery June/July Exhibit


The June/July Exhibition at FRANK will be highlighting the work of member artists Mary Stone Lamb and Jim Oleson as well as guest artists Berkeley Grimball, Jim Lux, and Phillip Welch. This diverse exhibit will showcase the art of the five talented artists and their mediums of encaustic wax, wood, ceramic, and jewelry.

Having a background representing a multitude of artistic styles, Mary Stone Lamb is currently working with the encaustic wax medium. Through encaustics, Lamb is able to create beautiful, abstract pieces with rich textures and a structural quality. Rather than trying to fight the nature of encaustic wax, Lamb has perfected working with the medium to create sumptuous, textural pieces which encapsulate a type of depth often not found with other mediums.

Start Date
Tuesday, June 11, 2019
End Date
Saturday, August 3, 2019
Frank Gallery

Frank Gallery June/July Exhibit

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