Celebration of Fine Art


Called “One of the West’s Premier Art Events” by Art & Antiques Magazine, the Celebration of Fine Art show takes place for the 30th year January 18-March 29, 2020. This juried, invitational show and art sale is where art lovers and artists connect, featuring 40,000 square feet of working studios and works of art by 100 renowned and emerging artists from across the country. The 10-week event enables visitors from around the globe to admire and acquire an unsurpassed selection of artwork in all mediums and styles. Plus, show guests have the opportunity to enjoy the hour-long Art Discovery Series each Friday starting at 4 PM.

Seasoned art collectors and first-time buyers alike find the experience engaging and comfortable. Art lovers truly get to know the people making the art they love, and can even watch them work. Artists are creating continuously within their studios alongside thoughtfully curated galleries that not only invite conversation but encourage visitors to return again and again. New works of art emerge frequently during the show, giving visitors even more opportunities to fulfill Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s prescribed daily requirements of artistic beauty while they search out artwork that will inspire for years to come.

Start Date
Saturday, January 18, 2020
End Date
Sunday, March 29, 2020
Celebration of Fine Art

Celebration of Fine Art

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