Josh Coyne

Known as the Renaissance's greatest sculptor, Michelangelo was often commissioned to apply his talents to other mediums such as painting and architecture.
At the root of all Gothic art and architecture was the desire to construct something close to heaven on Earth, a place where congregations could feel the presence of the divine.
Considered one of the first major art movements of the modern era, Impressionism was a radical revolt against the contemporary standards of academic painting.
Ironically, the most iconic portrait of the president was never completed.
The old notion of “slaying the dragon” has had a pervasive presence in our culture for centuries, yet few know the actual origins of the popular expression. One story that certainly increased the…
Jesus of Nazareth is undoubtedly one of the most famous men who ever lived, and his likeness has been transcribed on paintings, sculptures, and every other artistic medium one can possibly think of.
Since its 1996 debut, Pokémon has grown into a worldwide, pop-cultural phenomenon. For Japanese fans, however, Pokémon carries far more cultural significance due to its strong connection to the still…