Caterina Bellinetti

Many artists have taken inspiration from this war with contagion and decided to contribute to the hygiene awareness campaigns in their countries and beyond.
The relationship between clothes, self-expression, and social perception has been present in the real and fictional life of humanity for thousands of years.
Located in a 15th-century historical palace with a baroque style facade that rests upon the city’s Roman Capitoline Hill, the museum Palazzo Maffei is the newest addition to Verona’s cultural scene.
“I have never been in a city that gave me the same sense of freedom as Venice,” Peggy Guggenheim wrote, “Venice is not only the city of freedom and fantasy but it is the city of pleasure and…
Over the centuries, Chinese artists have created a variety of objects based on or embellished by the twelve animals: mirrors, jade and terracotta statuettes, vases, and paintings.
An award-winning photographer with decades of experience, Maggie Steber does not spare herself when examining her career.
The current exhibition at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland’s Photograph Album: The MacKinnon Collection, showcases the infinite, multiform beauty of Scotland, its people…