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Renowned Artists Partner with eBay to Design Bandanas for Democracy

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Leading international artists Shepard Fairey, Jenny Holzer, Luchita Hurtado and more are partnering with eBay to release an exclusive, artist-designed series of fine art bandanas. The new campaign, titled "Artists Band Together," supports key organizations working to increase voter turnout in the upcoming U.S. elections.

The limited-edition artworks, made to be worn or displayed, are available at, with 100% of proceeds supporting programs that educate, register, and mobilize voters: Mijente, Rise and Woke Vote.

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Artists Band Together
Barbara Kruger designed bandana in a red white and blue american flag color scheme with the text "look for the moment when pride becomes contempt"
Barbara Kruger, Untitled (Flag)

Each of the 15 participating artists have contributed an original design that aims to inspire young people, first-time voters, and historically disenfranchised communities of color to get out the vote.

The designs will be available as individual artworks, three curated sets and one complete set. The 15 works will be released in two "eBay exclusive" artist drops through November 1. Releasing today, eight artist singles ($35/each) from Marilyn Minter, Juliana Huxtable and Rirkrit Tiravanija to name a few, special sets ($175 for 5 per a set) and the full set of 15 ($525) are available. The second launch drops on September 1 at 2am PT / 5am ET, releasing the remaining seven artist bandanas ($35/each), including designs from Barbara Kruger, Hank Willis Thomas and Christine Sun Kim.

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Artists Band Together
navy blue shepard fairey designed bandana
Shepard Fairey, Our Hands - Our Future

"eBay is the partner of choice for artists and charities looking to expand their reach to a global audience of millions," says Sam Bright, Vice President, General Manager of Verticals, eBay North America. "Together with these incredible creators and organizations, we are tapping the power of eBay's vibrant community to empower voices and mobilize voters."

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Artists Band Together
Marilyn Minter designed bandana with the word "resist" four times
Marilyn Minter, Resist

Meet Artists Band Together
Artists Band Together is a coalition of like-minded citizen advocates dedicated to the principles of democracy. On the eve of the DNC and RNC, and with deadlines for voter registration looming, the project's goal is to raise money and awareness in support of community-led voter-registration groups Rise, Mijente and Woke Vote.

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Artists Band TOgether
navy blue bandana with intertwined blue figures
Xavier Schipani, The Fall of Man

"This project is rooted in the history of bandanas as symbols of unity. From the abolitionist movement to Rosie the Riveter, bandanas have been wearable markers of alliance and action," said  Nora Halpern, one of the curators of the project. "By bringing together long-time artist changemakers, our goal is to celebrate and elevate the myriad voices that make up American voters. Throughout history, artists have proven their unique ability to awaken, challenge and inspire us. We are grateful for the generosity of spirit of the 15 powerful artists who have joined us in our effort, alongside eBay for Charity, to 'band together' and support this vital and timely cause."

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Artists Band Together
Juliana Huxtable designed orange bandana with yellow circle with face in it
Juliana Huxtable, Campaign Logo 001

"I believe in the Artists Band Together project because I think we all can make the country better, and that art and the humanitarian spirit of artists can play a valuable role in doing so," said participating artist Shepard Fairey. "This project embraces the principles of democracy by making art accessible through the bandanas, while also providing support to the grassroots voting initiatives of the organizations benefiting from the profits -- Rise, Mijente, and Woke Vote. The caliber of artists involved is inspiring, and I believe in the story behind each work of art. I think that everyone from collectors to activists will be embracing these as collectable symbols of democracy at this historic moment."

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© LET ME STAND, 2020 Jenny Holzer, member Artist Rights Society (ARS)
Jenny Holzer black bandana with text "let me stand" in white on it twice
Jenny Holzer, LET ME STAND


About her design, the late artist Luchita Hurtado said, "'Together Forever' is a slogan of our time that confronts racial inequality, environmental advocacy, and united survival during a global pandemic, all in just two words. I don't think there's anything more important, that's what the human race needs."

"Everyone has to do something to change the culture right now," said artist Marilyn Minter. "We're waging a battle on two fronts: fighting COVID-19 and fighting stupidity. I'm saying resist getting Covid and selfish behavior. Resist complying with the ignorance that's pervading our world right now."

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Artists Band TOgether
Luchita Hurtado designed bandana with "together for-ever" text
Luchita Hurtado, Together Forever

Artist Release │August 17
Shepard Fairey
Juliana Huxtable
Rirkrit Tiravanija
Umar Rashid
Jenny Holzer
Christina Quarles
Luchita Hurtado
Marilyn Minter

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artists band together
Victoria Cassinova bandana with four figures with their fists raised
Victoria Cassinova, Rise Up

Artist Release │September 1
Alex Israel
Victoria Cassinova
Xavier Schipani
Christine Sun Kim
Hank Willis Thomas For Freedoms
Merritt Johnson
Barbara Kruger

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