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Celebrity Artist art refers to works created by individuals who are famous in other domains, such as film, music, or television, but also engage in visual art. This phenomenon is not entirely new; throughout history, many renowned figures have dabbled in art, with varying degrees of recognition. However, in the contemporary era, the intersection of celebrity culture and visual art has become more pronounced, with numerous celebrities publicly exhibiting and selling their artwork.

These artists often bring a unique perspective to their art, influenced by their experiences in the entertainment industry and public life. Their work can range from painting and sculpture to digital and performance art, often reflecting their personal style, interests, and public personas.

The role of Celebrity Artists in the art world can be contentious, with debates around the value and authenticity of their work compared to classically trained artists. However, their involvement in art often draws significant public attention and can introduce new audiences to the world of art.

For collectors, acquiring art by a Celebrity Artist can have an appeal beyond the aesthetic value of the work. These pieces often carry a certain cultural cachet and can be conversation starters, reflecting the collector’s interests in popular culture as well as fine art. Additionally, the celebrity status of the artist can potentially add to the work's future value, making it not just a cultural acquisition but also an investment. Collecting art by Celebrity Artists is, therefore, often driven by a combination of interest in the artist's personal brand and the novelty and exclusivity of owning a piece created by a public figure.