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Les Vendanges L.D. 117 III/V
Artist: Charles-Francoise Daubigny
Price: $4,060.00
Medium: Printmaking
Ship From Milwaukee, WI

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Materials: Etching
Dimensions: 10" x 15"
Condition: Excellent condition.
Finish: Framed
About the Item: Charles Francois Daubigny's etching from around 1865 is an example of the Barbizon painters' preoccupations. Entitled "Les Vendages," the work depicts peasants bringing in the harvest. The central image shows a figure gathering the crop into baskets. In the center of the image, placid cows congregate around the baskets. In the right middle ground, another worker is harvesting the crop. This is a pastoral image of country life in which the workers and livestock are in peaceful communion with the land. After the 1848 revolution in France, however, the depiction of peasants took on a different form from their representation as a part of picturesque country life. Artists like Gustave Courbet's and Jean-Francois Millet's pictures of peasants as a main subject were seen by conservative critics not only as "aesthetic willfulness" but also as "political provocation." It is unlikely that Daubigny's etching, however, which seems to be printed for mass consumption was aligned with Courbet's and Millet's political aims in the depiction of rural life.

Artwork Size: 9 3/8" x 14 1/4"
Frame Size: 17 3/4" x 22 1/2"