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Landscapes have been a fundamental subject in art, offering artists the chance to capture the beauty, majesty, and diversity of the natural world. Historically, landscapes emerged as a distinct genre in the 17th century, particularly in Dutch and Flemish art, where they depicted pastoral or idyllic scenes. The Romantic era further elevated landscapes, using them to evoke powerful emotions and reflect on humanity's relationship with nature. Impressionists later focused on light and color to convey the transient moods of the outdoors.

In contemporary art, landscapes continue to be a significant theme, with artists exploring them in diverse and innovative ways. They often use landscapes to comment on environmental issues, explore abstract forms, or express personal narratives.

Collecting landscape art is popular for its universal appeal and the tranquility it often brings to viewers. These artworks can be a source of inspiration, reflection, and connection to the natural world. For many, landscapes represent a retreat from the urban or a reminder of cherished places and memories. Moreover, landscapes can vary greatly in style and interpretation, offering something for every collector, from serene pastoral scenes to dramatic abstract representations. For collectors, landscapes not only enhance their surroundings aesthetically but also provide a window to the vast and varied beauty of the natural world.