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Art created by deceased artists holds a significant place in art history and the contemporary art market. Throughout history, many artists have gained fame or recognition posthumously, with their works often becoming more valued and sought-after after their death. This phenomenon can be attributed to various factors, including the finite number of works left behind, the artist's historical significance, and the stories or myths that often grow around their life and work.

In the past, artists like Vincent van Gogh, who received little acclaim during their lifetime, became celebrated figures in art history after their death, with their artworks achieving iconic status. Similarly, artists like Frida Kahlo and Jean-Michel Basquiat saw a significant revaluation and increased interest in their work posthumously.

In the contemporary art world, the works of deceased artists continue to be highly prized in the art market. They are often considered stable investments, as their historical significance and limited availability can drive up demand and value.

Art collectors may be drawn to the works of deceased artists for various reasons. These works can represent a tangible connection to the past and a particular art historical period. They are also often seen as more than just artworks; they are relics of the artist’s life and career, carrying a sense of authenticity and legacy. For many collectors, owning a piece by a deceased artist is not just an investment in art but an investment in history, with the artwork serving as a testament to the artist’s creative spirit and contribution to the art world.