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Military and warfare have been significant themes in art throughout history, often serving as a means to document and interpret the complex nature of conflict. In ancient and medieval times, art depicting military endeavors often glorified victories and heroes, serving as propaganda or celebratory records. Renaissance artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Albrecht Dürer brought technical and humanistic perspectives to war scenes. In the modern era, works by artists like Goya and Picasso, with his seminal "Guernica," began to critically address the horrors and futility of war.

In contemporary art, military and warfare themes are explored with a nuanced approach, often focusing on the human impact of conflict, the psychological aspects of war, or as critiques of militarism and violence.

Collecting military and warfare art appeals for various reasons. It serves as a powerful reminder of historical events, the sacrifices made, and the impact of conflict on societies and individuals. These artworks often possess a strong emotional resonance, evoking a range of responses from reverence to critical reflection. For some, such art can be a tribute to personal or familial military associations, while for others, it's a way to engage with and understand significant historical and contemporary issues. Collecting military and warfare art is not only about appreciating its aesthetic and historical value; it's also about acknowledging and contemplating the profound complexities of human conflict.