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Aggregate #20 Aggregate #20
Aggregate #20
Artist: Guy Lyman
Price: $4,554.00
Medium: Painting
Ship From New Orleans, LA
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Creation Date: 2022
Materials: Charcoal, Wax, Oil, Acrylic
Dimensions: 48" x 60" x 1"
Finish: Unframed
About the Item: Artist's statement:

"This is from a series of paintings I have done based on the Old Master technique of beginning with a thin wash and progressively building up the layers of paint. It was painted in seven stages; you can still see traces of the original stage. What I essentially did was strip down this technique to its essence. So it's a painting about process rather than subject. The important things here are color, balance and texture. But I think the end result is a vibrant and happy painting. Very large, with a lot of wall power - the largest painting I have ever done. Looks more bluish in the secondary photos than in reality - shot in natural light and the camera adjusted towards the blue - it is more white in person. I can try to send you more accurate shots if you need them."

(On a previous series by the artist): “These paintings are a refreshing departure from the current abstract art world’s seemingly endless parade of fields of color with scribbles providing form, a style that is easily mimicked and has become a sort of “safe,” accessible go-to. There are confident decisions in these paintings appearing as commitments of strongly delineated forms and unexpected collisions of color that give the work a visceral, confident and playful soul, increasingly missing from contemporary expressionist abstraction. They are the paintings of a real painter rather than a decorative artist.”

ArtSeen, 2018
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