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Anonymous Artist art refers to works created by individuals whose identities remain unknown or unclaimed. Historically, many artworks, especially before the Renaissance, were created by artists who didn't sign their work or whose names have been lost over time. This anonymity often reflected the cultural and social norms of the period, where art was more about craftsmanship and less about individual recognition.

In contemporary times, anonymity in art can be a deliberate choice. Artists like Banksy, known worldwide yet maintaining an anonymous identity, use anonymity as a tool for social commentary, as a critique of the commercialization of art, or as a means to focus attention solely on the message rather than the creator. Anonymous artists often tackle controversial or political subjects, leveraging the intrigue and mystery of their anonymity to draw attention to their art and its themes.

For art collectors, anonymous art presents a unique opportunity. The mystery surrounding the creator can add an intriguing element to the artwork. Collecting anonymous art often focuses on the work's intrinsic value and message rather than the artist's reputation or history. This can be particularly appealing for collectors who prioritize the art's conceptual or aesthetic significance over the prestige of the artist's name. Furthermore, anonymous art can challenge traditional art market dynamics, making it an interesting choice for collectors who seek to explore diverse and unconventional art forms.