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Young Woman Under the Apple Tree II
Artist: Ulla Scheinemann
Price: $4,850.00
Medium: Painting
Ship From Hudson, NY

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Creation Date: 2022
Materials: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 39" x 39" x 1"
About the Item: “I have a lot of thoughts while I am painting. I can mention a few
that seem to be returning in my head while painting. Color and
coloristic attitude is a theme in all the paintings for me and I am
composing the paintings in a way, where the color, I use, and the
amount of color depends on, what the surrounding colours seem to
I am always quite curious about trying out new things, while
painting. I always try to contribute with something new. I guess the
painting, I like the most and prefer, is therefore always the painting,
that I am doing right now.
My paintings sometimes make me wonder, where the figurative
stops and the abstracts begin, and I like to be in between terms of
The paintings are I guess a way of expressing my view of the
world. The paintings with the figures are to some degree maybe an
expression of the human conditions, every individual live by - I
think. But it is not something, that I plan .. it just seems to end up
that way in the process. I can’t be dishonest, while I am painting.
paintings never lie”