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Presque en touchant Presque en touchant Presque en touchant Presque en touchant
Presque en touchant
Artist: Kelley Carman
Price: $890.00
Medium: Painting
Ship From Kansas City, MO

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Creation Date: 2024
Materials: Acrylic on Birch Panel *Framed in a wood frame - ready to hang
Dimensions: 19" x 31" x 2"
Condition: Mint
Finish: Framed
About the Item: Acrylic on Birch Panel
Year: 2024
Size: 11.5 x 23.5 inches
Framed Size: 19 x 31 inches
Signed and titled
COA provided
Ref.: 924802-2129

*Framed in a wood frame - ready to hang

Tags: Gestural Abstract, Whitewash, Pastel, Yellow, Pink, Gray


Kelley Carman currently splits her creative time between studios in St Louis, Missouri and the family farm near Paris, Missouri. She enjoys the freedom of the farm with husband Powell, family and friends. Many of her paintings are inspired by the dramatic light on the ever changing landscape near the farm.

"My creations are personal, they are an attempt to decipher the babble in my brain, to wade through my everyday chaos towards calm. Play and discovery are my constant companions in my studio. Through my work, I find myself expressing perspective or reactions that I am not consciously aware of. There are always challenges and discoveries in the creative process, and so often I find just as many small, sweet victories. My compositions are really about my own personal journey, and I hope to convey and create happiness."