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Paladin #2 Paladin #2
Paladin #2
Artist: Guy Lyman
Price: $621.00
Medium: Painting
Ship From New Orleans, LA
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Creation Date: 2009
Materials: Lacquer,Pastel,Acrylic Paint,Graphite,Pigment
Dimensions: 15" x 12" x 2"
Finish: Framed
About the Item: (Comes float-framed behind glass.) I was working on my "Gridish" paintings when I became fascinated with certain materials I was working with - a new type of super-flat, super-black paint; powdered graphite; and iron oxide pigment. I had a small canvas ready to go, and shifted my attention to concentrating on just one of the rectangular forms I had been using in the Gridish series, and applying these materials in a way that pleased me. The edges here I find particularly appealing. But that sort of industrial sheen on the surface of the rectangle is really beautiful to me.
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