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Ecoscape: Petroglyph
Artist: Heather Stivison
Price: $500.00
Medium: Painting
Ship From Pawtucket, RI

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Creation Date: 2022
Materials: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 1"
About the Item: Ecoscape: Petroglyph refers to the ancient rock paintings and carvings in the American South West, and the forgotten understanding of the rhythms of the natural world expressed by these ancient artists. Ecoscape: Petroglyph is one of 16 small works called “Ecoscapes” which speak directly to the natural environment. These Ecoscapes are a portion of the Seeds of Change series of 35 works that suggest that, if we listen, science can lead us away from environmental devastation and climate change. The ideas for preserving our fragile planet are described as “seeds of change”—ideas that can be “planted” and can grow into a better future.