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Centaur with Dwarves Centaur with Dwarves
Centaur with Dwarves
Artist: George Dureau
Price: $1,495.00
Medium: Drawing
Ship From New Orleans, LA
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Creation Date: 1970
Materials: Charcoal on Paper
Dimensions: 22" x 19" x 1"
Finish: Framed
About the Item: Dwarves as centaurs and angels, amputees as sex symbols — George Dureau certainly had a unique and fantastical way of looking at things. He was a big influence on his friend Robert Mapplethorpe, and is nationally known not only for his drawings and paintings, but also for his photographs.

George Dureau, New Orleans legend
George Dureau was one of New Orleans’ major 20th-century artists (b. 1930, d. 2014). His drawing style is instantly recognizable, as he was a notable draftsman, but he is just as well known for his photography. His pictures often included dwarves and amputees – not as a sort of freak show, but in order to expand the notion of beauty and “rightness.” His photos and drawings of black men inspired Robert Mapplethorpe, who was a friend. Both worked in a classical, formal tradition, but with a transgressive, contemporary flavor. Dureau is an icon in the history of New Orleans art.
Authenticity Guaranteed
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