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Transcendence: 10 Ancient Buddhist Sculptures

Throckmorton Fine Art

Standing BuddhaNorthern Qi Period, 550-577 CE, H: 42 in, Marble with Gilt and Polychrome, detail.

The story of Buddhist art in China is the story of the nation itself. Though the religion arrived in China as early as 25–220 CE, over the course of China’s long history of political and religious revolutions, perception of Buddhist symbols have shifted time and again, so that at various times these works of art were promoted and at other times destroyed. Yet today, despite various orders to remove Buddhist art from temples and public spaces, sculptures dating back to the early centuries of the religion’s practice within China still survive, thanks to monks who buried the sculptures in order to save them.

Now, Throckmorton Fine Art is exhibiting a wide selection of these surviving sculptures dating from 380–900 CE. The show, which is titled Transcendence, runs through June 30, 2020, in Throckmorton’s New York gallery, though appointments are necessary to see the sculptures in person. 

View the slideshow below to learn more or call 917-562-0188 to set up a personal appointment.


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