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Showcasing important new acquisitions and masterworks from the permanent collection, the newly renovated North European galleries at the Cleveland Museum of Art aim to envelop visitors in a new viewing experience.
Their styles vary widely, from Rococo to Modernism, but the thing that all the artists have in common in a new exhibition at the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) is that they’re all female, struggling against the constraints of a society that hindered them in the pursuit of their chosen career.
Nat and Corrie provide a brief introduction to the behemoth that is Modernism. From the ridiculous trial of James McNeil Whistler to the philosophical merits of Abstract Expressionism, the Art History Babes are here to help you feel a little less intimidated by modern art.
The first exhibition of Sri Lankan art held at an American museum opened this month at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). The Jeweled Isle: Art from Sri Lanka showcases a wide range of Sri Lankan art pieces, from gold, silver, and ivory jewels to 19th-century photographs.
They assumed the canvas was a common copy, and estimated its value at only $5,000 when a Washington, D.C. auction house listed it last year.
One of the most popular and most unlikely art historians the world has known died yesterday at the age of 88. Wendy Beckett, better known as Sister Wendy, brought great art to the masses through her BBC specials and 25 published books.

She looks sideways at the viewer, limpid dark pools for eyes, strawberry curls setting off the flush of her cheeks and lips of faded fuschia. Who is she? She is the Lady in White. More than that, none can say. Sprung from the brush of Tiziano Vecelli, or Titian, she was referred to by the artist as “my most beloved object” and “a portrait of she who is the absolute mistress of my soul.” Some say she is an idealized figure of feminine beauty, others a favorite model, and still more think she is the artist’s eldest daughter, Lavinia, on her wedding day.

It's time for the yearly Art History Babe holiday menagerie! We discuss the history of the menorah, a mystical wild nativity scene, the evolution of Santa Claus, and John Leech's illustrations for A Christmas Carol.
Percoco utilizes discarded materials and abandoned spaces in the built environment often regarded as worthless. But to her, it is precisely because these materials and places are overlooked that allow them to accumulate possibilities otherwise absent in traditional white box art.
Host Jennifer Dasal explores the history behind The Discovery of Pompeii in this episode of A Little Curious.