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Invader has been in Los Angeles before, notably in 2011 when the anonymous French street artist was arrested while “invading” a site with his mosaic-tile figures based on the popular 1980s video game, Space Invaders. With works on street corners and walls in roughly 30 countries around the world, Invader could not be contained in a single gallery, until now. 

Phillips’ recent two-day 20th Century & Contemporary Art and Design Auction event in Hong Kong, with an Evening Sale November 25th, and an inaugural Day Sale the 26th, reached combined sales of $19.7 million. The Evening Sale realized $13,130,939 and the Day Sale realized $6,570,358. Both auctions offered stellar examples of both Western and Asian art.

The Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Renwick Gallery follows two popular exhibitions with the ninth installment of their invitational biennial. Disrupting Craft: Renwick Invitational 2018 continues the work of WONDER (their debut exhibit after a years-long renovation, which filled the museum with large-scale installations) and No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man (on view through January 21, 2019) by continuing to redefine craft.
Known for its assemblage of cutting-edge contemporary artists and galleries from around the globe, the landmark fair has an uncanny way of finding the art world’s next major talents. Regardless of their growth, this remains the show’s main driving force for SCOPE Miami’s founder and president, Alexis Hubshman, who has been a consistent advocate for emerging creative voices.
In this episode of The ArtCurious Podcast, host Jennifer Dasal explores the shocking history of Goya's "Saturn Devouring His Son."
The Art History Babes take it back to pre-history and discuss the work of our earliest art makers. Join us for some notable examples of Paleolithic art including: Venus of Willendorf, Camelid sacrum in the shape of a canine, the Lascaux Caves and more.

The magnificence of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of the great repositories of the world’s cultures as expressed in its art and material objects, defies the limits of categorization. Its treasures reach across the millennia and around the globe in its effort to capture every type of art, in every medium, made by humans since before recorded history.  Now, in one exhibition, Jewelry, the Body Transformed, it has attempted to bring all of those disparate cultures together in one overarching exhibition.

Born into considerable wealth in Milwaukee, but resident in England for the last three decades of his life, Stanley J. Seeger (1930-2011) was a quite remarkable collector, who, together with his partner of 32 years, Christopher Cone, filled homes in England and around the world with extraordinarily varied collections of art, antiques and the arcane.

In this episode of A Little Curious from the ArtCurious Podcast, host Jennifer Dasal explores Leonardo da Vinci's lost masterpiece "The Battle of Anghiari."
The seams of high fashion, fine art and edgy architecture overlap at Denver Art Museum’s (DAM) recently unveiled exclusive exhibition: Dior: From Paris to the World. The first major House of Dior retrospective in the U.S. runs through March 3, spotlighting 70 years of Dior with more than 200 haute couture dresses, glamorous accessories, legendary fashion photography and coordinated paintings.